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Customer Journey &
Brand Space

Sign-posting pathways...

...influencing decisions.


Appealing to mindsets

Creating a dynamic environment goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's about immersive experiences that appeal to diverse customer mindsets and preferences. 


At Benjamin Spencer Design, we understand that there isn’t one customer journey. They’re all unique, requiring tailored pathways to products, people, and various aides to help the decision-making processes along the way.

All paths lead to...


Credit Card Purchase
Makeup Store
Image by 卓倩 李
Zero Waste Store

Mindset meets product

When customers step into your space, they embark on their journeys based on their needs and motivations, and we factor those pathways in with clever design thinking.

Some customers want to explore and engage with your brand visually and emotionally before interacting with your staff. Others crave detailed information and specifications upfront, while repeat visitors may have specific objectives in mind.


Navigating these varied mindsets, Benjamin Spencer Design maps out multiple, intuitive customer journeys that align with your brand and offerings. By delving into the customer's mindset and intertwining it with your product or service, we design spaces that guide, inform, and inspire at every touchpoint.


We meet your brief, and we meet the customer’s need.

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