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Events & Exhibition Stand Design

End to end untouchable service...

Our Exhibition Stand and Events design service is second to none - from concept to CAD drawings, to 3D visuals and specifications...



At Benjamin Spencer Design, our commitment to excellence in exhibition and event design is second to none.


We begin with a thorough understanding of your vision, whether you're an end-user seeking to elevate your brand presence or a specifier appointed on behalf of the end user.

Form and function

...and creative excellence


Essence & objectives

Our design process is a journey we make together. From the initial client brief, we immerse ourselves in the brand, understanding its essence and objectives. We ask what you really want to get out of your exhibition stand or your event, and we collaborate closely with you to make sure that every design element aligns with the goal. 


Through a meticulous process of conceptualisation and planning, we use cutting-edge 3D design solutions to bring ideas to life. The journey doesn't end with the design; we oversee the entire execution, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to the handover to the people who make the idea a reality.

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Choose Benjamin Spencer Design for exhibitions and events that not only capture attention but also leave a lasting impression, thanks to a design process that prioritises creativity, collaboration, function, and precision.

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