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Retail spaces that work...

...looking great on the eye, directing customers to look, feel and buy.



Retail Spaces seem to be ever-changing. Trends and fashions move quickly, and so does the need to transform a retail space to keep a captivating customer experience.


Benjamin Spencer Design's specialised retail design solutions are a strategic blend of creativity, functionality, and customer experience and engagement.

Form and function

...and creative excellence

Image by Craig Lovelidge
Image by Clark Street Mercantile

Essence & Objectives

We work closely with end-users and specifiers, ensuring that the design process reflects your brand identity. From the conceptualisation of a store layout to the creation of visually appealing displays, every design element is meticulously curated to:

  • Entice

  • Attract

  • Engage

  • Persuade

  • Convert.


We create experiences in physical spaces that can’t be replicated with on-line shopping. We make it work for you, and we make it work for your customer. And we don’t just think about the here and now, we consider how we can futureproof your space for next week, next quarter, and next year too.

The design process is a strategic journey...

As well as retail units, let’s not forget temporary space, pop-up shops.  Your design is just as vital, and Benjamin Spencer Design will make the most of the smallest of spaces.


Our commitment to precision is proven in our use of cutting-edge 3D design tools, ensuring a seamless integration of ideas from concept to reality.


When your requirement is a retail space design that make a lasting impact, where the design process is a strategic journey of creativity and customer engagement, Benjamin Spencer Design works as quickly as you need us to. Without compromising on the quality of your design.

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With Benjamin Spencer Design, your stylish aesthetic is matched with a functional space that sends customers on various influential journeys to entice, influence and buy.

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