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Garden and Outdoor Space

Design for living, working and relaxing

Our Garden and Outdoor Space design service turns your idea into bespoke, realistic indoor and outdoor visuals that we know you'll love...


Comfort & Functionality

Garden rooms, whether they serve as tranquil home offices or vibrant entertainment spaces, offer a unique blend of functionality and comfort within the confines of your own property.


At Benjamin Spencer Design, we specialise in designing bespoke garden rooms that compliment your lifestyle and enhance your outdoor living experience. And impress your friends!

Form and function

...and creative excellence


A personal retreat

From stylish, garden offices designed to inspire creativity and productivity, to inviting garden bars perfect for social gatherings and relaxation, our designs prioritise aesthetics, comfort and functionality.


We work closely with homeowners to understand their budget, their specific requirements, and ensure that each garden room design is tailored to their preferences.


Our attention to detail extends beyond mere aesthetics, encompassing considerations such as materials, insulation, lighting, ventilation, and connectivity to create a place that isn’t only visually stunning but also comfortable and practical year-round.

Book an Appointment

With Benjamin Spencer Design, your garden room becomes more than just an extension of your home—it becomes a personalised retreat where you can work, unwind, and entertain in style.

Book a 20-minute call with us now, by clicking on the button below.

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