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Comfort, luxury and functionality...

A memorable Hospitality space looks the part, and feels the part too. It also needs to work for you...we make it work for you.


Aesthetics & Functionality

There’s a vibrancy in the hospitality industry.


Whether you're an end-user envisioning a captivating restaurant or a specifier appointed on behalf of a client, our approach to hospitality design is rooted in a deep understanding of both aesthetics and functionality.


We’re dedicated to crafting hospitality spaces that not only look and feel great but also maximise functionality. We know that in the hospitality industry, the ambience of a space plays a pivotal role in customer experience

Quality and comfort

...and creative excellence

Image by Jay Wennington
Image by Alexandr Popadin

Grasping your identity

Our design process begins with an in-depth consultation to grasp the unique identity and vision that you’re looking for. This could be for:


  • An Intimate bistro

  • A bustling bar

  • A corporate space in a stadium

  • Your café 

  • Your restaurant

  • Multi-use areas, where you need to fit a few things in.

We'll work closely with you, recognising that in hospitality, space utilisation is as crucial as comfort and luxury. We have experience in striking that delicate balance, and it’s at the core of our design philosophy.

It's not just about the layout; it's about the practical considerations...

Meticulous planning and innovative spatial design ensures that your hospitality space accommodates the desired number of patrons without compromising comfort. 


Then comes the functionality. It’s not just about the layout; it extends to practical considerations such as efficient workflow in kitchens, accessibility for staff and patrons, and the overall flow of the space.


We even consider the little things like power points and sight lines for screens and stages. Our commitment to precision is reflected in our use of cutting-edge 3D design tools, allowing us to visualize and refine every aspect of the design before implementation.

Book an Appointment

You can choose Benjamin Spencer Design for your next hospitality space design and know that you’re getting an untouchable service that delivers the excellence you need.

Book a 20-minute call with us now, by clicking on the button below.

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